The QuantumPulse


You’re energy. If your energy flows, you will be more vital, more balanced, and more productive. Achieve your natural potential and feel your body with a well-researched technology; the QuantumPulse machine bases on the ingenious invention of the engineer Gene Koonce. His inspiration bases on theories and technologies of the renowned scientists Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, and Royal Raymond Rife.

The treatment has a balancing effect on your emotions, spirit, and body. The QuantumPulse therapy will be applied as a harmless light therapy that stimulates your natural cell activity. This therapy provides the necessary balance for your body. Therefore, your health will be activated in your whole body!

I’d like to welcome you for a consultation in form of a personal conversation.

Under the following conditions treatments with the QuantumPulse machine aren’t recommended:

  • Pregnancy
  • Kids
  • People with pacemakers


A session with the QuantumPulse machine: CHF 77.-


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This treatment does not substitute a doctor’s visit and I will not make any diagnosis.


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