About Sibylle


EMF Balancing Technique & Waves

Sibylle Seitzmeir is born and raised in Zurich. After her marriage she left Switzerland together with her partner and emigrated to Caracas (Venezuela). There she studied EMF Balancing Technique guided by Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

Since her first contact with the EMF Balancing Technique Sibylle knew that she wanted to be a part of this wonderful project: “I’ve always wanted to help people and when I discovered EMF Balancing Technique, I had found the perfect medium.”

Sibylle learned how to use the EMF Balancing Technique in collaboration with Peggy and later on complemented it with the Waves Technique. For Sibylle your individual needs will be crucial as well as respectful and careful work with you.

Through my multicultural background I have the possibility to take care of you in various languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish).

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The QuantumPulse

Sibylle has been working with this unique machine for more than ten years. Being in constant contact with Gene Koonce, is always informed about ongoing developments and technical progress. Gene Koonce has helped her many times to interpret new results of the QuantumPulse. The results reveal wonderful surprises from time to time depending on the goal and state of the respective person.

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